All Wien Museum locations are closed until further notice.


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Wien Museum MUSA

Wien Museum MUSA and Wienbibliothek at City Hall shine a new light on the dazzling jack-of-all-trades and formative figure of Viennese modernity.

Wien Museum Karlsplatz Open Air

Imaginary Journeys: The exhibit on the Wien Museum's construction fence combines a current photographic series by Wojciech Czaja with souvenir images from the 1873 World Expo.


Wien Museum Online Collection

Research or browse our constantly growing digital collection. The majority of images are "open content" and can be freely downloaded.

Historical Collection Project

How will future gnerations know what the Corona crisis has meant for Vienna? The Wien Museum collects everyday objects with Corona.

Neidhart Festsaal

The Neidhart Festsaal, discovered during building renovations in 1979, has just been refurbished. Using multimedia technology, a new permanent exhibit highlights and contextualizes the vivid wall paintings.


The Wien Museum provides downloadable material in English. Info in Japanese is available for the composers' residences.

An exhibition on social housing and urban planning

The Siemensstraße housing estate is one of the finest examples of social housing in post-war Vienna. It was well regarded internationally and is now listed as a protected monument.

An address in the first district?

Become a patron of a building in our large city model of 1898. Starting on November 23, you can support the reseach on and conservation of our popular model. Prices start at EUR 100.