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Wien Museum Karlsplatz:

Marking the 500th anniversary of Luther’s publication of his 95 Theses the Wien Museum’s “Protestant Vienna” exhibition recalls the several decades when Vienna was a majority-Protestant city.

Protestant Vienna<BR>Religious Conflict after Luther

Recent excavations of the Rochus Market offer exciting new insights into the history of Vienna, documenting the first tangible evidence of an encounter between Romans and Celts in our latitudes.

Wien Museum Karlsplatz

Robert Haas is among the great Austrian-American photographers of the twentieth century. His photographs will be on display to the general public for the first time in a comprehensive exhibition setting.

Robert Haas <BR>Framing Two Worlds
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How can we grasp Vienna in its entirety? The exhibition encourages visitors to take a fresh look at the city and to actively incorporate themselves into portrayals of the city. Opening: Wednesday, 22 March 2017, 6:30PM

Bird's-Eye Vienna<BR>The City at a Glance

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