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If clothes make the person, headwear is the most visible sign of identity. “A Tip of the Hat” narrates a rich and multi-faceted social history of the covered head.

Tip of the Hat!<BR>A Social History of the Covered Head
Wien Museum Karlsplatz (Adults only. 18+)

Drawing on countless examples from the nineteenth century through today, the “Sex in Vienna” exhibition relates how the struggle over prohibition and freedom continues to leave its mark on every sexual encounter.

Sex in Vienna<BR>Desire. Control. Transgression

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A gem of Viennese Modernism!

Vienna’s fin-de-siècle forms the backdrop for the prodigious career of Vienna’s pioneering modernist architect and city planner. A mere minute away from the Wien Museum Karlsplatz!

Sisi’s Palace of Dreams

Opulence surrounded by the natural beauty of the Vienna Woods. Nowhere in Vienna is the experience of imperial domestic life more authentic than in “Sisi’s Palace of Dreams.”


The Wien Museum provides downloadable material (information brochures in PDF format) in English. Info in Japanese is available for the composers' residences.

Redesign of the “Vienna ca. 1900” exhibition section

The section of our permanent exhibition, “Wien um 1900/Vienna ca. 1900” will be remodeled between 3 October and 5 October. It will not be possible to view the works of Klimt and Schiele during this time.