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Wien Museum Karlsplatz

Vienna, 12 November 1918: Hundreds of thousands gathered on the city’s Ringstraße to celebrate the end of the Habsburg Monarchy and a new democratic beginning. On this day, the Republic of German-Austria was declared.

Wien Museum Karlsplatz

The exhibition "Skin Deep" deals with the practices and meanings of modern body care and styling from the eighteenth century onwards. It focuses on shaving, hair care and cosmetics in the Viennese context.


An address in the first district?

Become a patron of a building in our large city model of 1898. Starting on November 23, you can support the reseach on and conservation of our popular model. Prices start at  EUR 100.


The Wien Museum provides downloadable material (information brochures in PDF format) in English. Info in Japanese is available for the composers' residences.