Due to the current work on the renovation and expansion of the Wien Museum and the attendant relocation of our graphic and photo archive, we are unable to field private and commercial requests. Scholarly inquiries and requests for new photographs of particular objects require at least one month prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.


You are welcome to film in our locations by prior arrangement. In principle, this is only possible during opening hours.As we are a working museum, please note scope for filming may be limited and our visitors take priority in all cases. In particular this applies to more complicated film shoots with larger teams. Please contact us well in advance of your preferred filming date (and at least 3 weeks in advance).

Some of the objects and reproductions on display in our locations are not owned by the Wien Museum. Therefore the Wien Museum cannot grant permission for photographs or films of these objects. Should you wish to film or photograph these works, you will need to obtain written permission from the lender.

Where the object is still in copyright, you are responsible for obtaining written permission from the rights holder in advance.


Prices for film shoots are scaled according to time and include permission for editorial use of the film material in perpetuity in the agreed production on television, on a channel’s own video-on-demand platform and in cinema. This excludes commercial use of the material for advertisements.

You will need to request permission from the Wien Museum before using the film material in any other production.

 During opening hours
First hourEUR 150
Each subsequent hourEUR 100

For more complicated projects that incur additional costs for the Wien Museum, we reserve the right to pass on these costs (in particular staffing costs). We will be happy to provide you with a quote.