Wien Museum
Press Kit

The Wien Museum occupies a special place in Vienna's diverse museum landscape:
its collections of art and historical objects show the course that Vienna has taken through the centuries. There are valuable art treasures to see, a city and its myth to discover.

The coming years will see the renovation and extension of the Wien Museum Karlsplatz. The building, opened in 1959 and designed by Oswald Haerdtl, is to be transformed into a city museum that embraces the future. It will incorporate more space for exhibitions, purpose-built areas for educational programmes and school classes, functional spaces for events and appealing cuisine – making the museum an attractive offering for all target audiences. The goal is not only a major contemporary museum but a highly valued and lively public space for all – where the pulse of the city is present.

A wealth of external sites complements the main building on Karlsplatz. Regular special exhibitions continuously reveal new aspects of Vienna’s past and present. Immerse yourself in the city: welcome to Vienna and its museum!