Otto Wagner Pavillon Karlsplatz

1040 Vienna, Karlsplatz

P: +43 1 505 87 47 85177

The architect Otto Wagner (1841–1918) was one of the great pioneers of Viennese modernism. He propagated a contemporary style of architecture tailor-made for the demands of his days. Wagner’s designs combined technical and structural functionality with high aesthetic standards.

Wagner’s Postsparkasse (Postal Savings Bank) and Kirche am Steinhof (Church at the Steinhof) were seminal for European architecture around 1900. In charge of the general planning of the Viennese Metropolitan Railway, the Stadtbahn, he designed an architectural Gesamtkunstwerk — a total work of art — that continues to dominate Vienna’s urban landscape even today.

The Wien Museum is showing a concise documentation of the  life and work of Otto Wagner in a former station building of the Stadtbahn on Karlsplatz, a magnificent art nouveau pavilion, that also houses a shop offering a range of high-quality products associated with Otto Wagner and Vienna around 1900.

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