Beethoven Museum

1190 Vienna, Probusgasse 6

P: +43 664 889 50 801

Visit the 6 apartments of Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert and Joseph Haydn at a special price with our combination ticket. The ticket is valid for 12 months from the first visit.

The life and work of Ludwig van Beethoven are inseparably bound up with Vienna. In 1787, the composer first came to the city to study with Mozart, from 1792 onwards he lived permanently here. The Beethoven Museum is to draw upon the latest scholarship in presenting the life and work of the classical composer.

The location is directly linked to Beethoven’s destiny, for it was here that he sought to cure, or at least alleviate, his hearing disorder. In the early nineteenth century, Heiligenstadt was an independent wine growing village. Its public baths brought an economic upswing to the area, located in what is today Heiligenstädter Park. The baths were supplied by a mineral-rich spring, the healing qualities of which attracted numerous spa visitors, including prominent figures of Viennese cultural life.

Probusgasse 6 is traditionally associated with a deeply moving testimony of Beethoven’s. Here in 1802 he wrote the “Heiligenstädter Testament”, the letter addressed to his brother but never sent, in which Beethoven expressed his despair over his worsening deafness. At the same time, he worked in Probusgasse on some of his most important works, among them the Piano Sonata Op. 31, No.2 ("The Tempest"), the "Prometheus"-Variations, Op. 35, and first sketches for the Third Symphony (“Eroica”).

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