15 July 2021 to 11 August 2021

MUSA Startgalerie
1010 Vienna, Felderstraße 6-8
P: +43 (0)1 4000 8400

Rosa John works primarily with photography and film, and most recently also with objects of different materiality. Her thematic considerations revolve around the body, cultural techniques, and media apparatuses. The current focus of her work is the examination of the central tool of photography and filming, the camera and its "nutrient", light.

The title of the exhibition "Solstice" refers to the principle of the Camera obscura as a phenomenon of nature. This can be observed, for example, when rays of light cross in the leaf canopy of a tree, projecting laterally reversed images of the sun into the shadow of the leaf canopy. All camera technology is based on this law of nature.

The mysteries of the Camera obscura and the construction of the camera as a historical variable are the guiding motifs of Rosa John’s exhibition at the Startgalerie. The artist questions the fundamentals of camera technology, searching for the magic in the everyday.

Rosa John, born 1982 in Vienna / 2007-08 School for Artistic Photography, Vienna / 2009-11 School for Independent Film, Vienna / PhD studies in Media Studies, University of Vienna / 2017 Scholarship of the BKA for Artistic Photography, Vienna.

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