Maurizio Cirillo
Istanbul, Istanbul

10 October 2019 to 6 November 2019

1010 Vienna, Felderstraße 6-8
P: +43 (0)1 4000 8400

In „Istanbul, Istanbul,“ Maurizio Cirillo tracks down visible and invisible realities of urban space. By foot, he investigates the periphery of a rapidly growing metropolis. A new canal that’s supposed to run along the Bosporus. New land and the promenades on the resulting shores. Leisure spots and shopping malls. Landscaped embankments. The new airport, gates communities. The city is encircled by ever larger freeways. Are these urban wastelands and non-spaces, places where utopia and decay are so close to one another, the memorial sites of our time. What should they commemorate? What do we want to remember?

Maurizio Cirillo
Istanbul, Istanbul - Informationen

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On Friday, November 22, our branch locations open at 11:45 a.m., the exhibition at Musa at 11:15 a.m.. Thank you for your understanding.

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