Urban Archaeology

For over hundred years the main task of Stadtarchäologie Wien has been the archaeological exploration of the history of  Austria's capital. Stadtarchäologie Wien carries out excavations to recover and to document the traces of daily life that have been left buried in Vienna's soil from prehistoric to modern age.

The multi disciplinary team of scientists of Stadtarchäologie Wien has dedicated itself to the task of analysing archaeological remains. The ensuing results are put into a wider historic context and presented to the general public as publications, exhibitions and congresses.

Our “Initiative Seniorarchäologie” offers interested adults over 18 years of age the opportunity to help with the restoration of ceramic finds and to gain insight into archaeological methods for fieldwork.

Portable exhibitions specially designed for use in schools and the “Initiative Juniorarchäologie” make archaeology more tangible and understandable for younger people.

Head of Urban Archaeology
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E: kristina.adler-woelfl@stadtarchaeologie.at

Press Officer
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