As well as the portraits, the Wien Museum’s Biographical Collections also contain numerous memorabilia. “Relics” (e.g. bone and hair remains) of famous personalities who lived in Vienna (such as Ludwig van Beethoven or Anton Bruckner) can be found here, as can parts of coffins, crosses of the dying, burial robes and funereal candles (for example, those of Emperor Joseph II). 

One significant special inventory is the Peter Altenberg Collection, made up of many personal items from Altenberg’s hotel room in the “Graben Hotel”, where the writer lived prior to his death in 1919. Alongside photos of photographic models and acquaintances of the writer as well as portraits which show Altenberg himself in various stages of his life, the collection also includes his dressing-gown and sandals. 

The main part of the memorabilia collected by the Wien Museum relates to the artistic activity of well-known Viennese men and women. Paint-brushes and palettes are kept here, musical instruments, batons, costumes and shoes. However, items for daily use are also collected such as combs, textiles, notebooks, jewellery or furniture. Among the particular curiosities are an egg cup and button-hook that belonged to Empress Elisabeth. The collection, which grew due to bequeathals, dedications and acquisitions, is presently being extended by objects from the 2nd half of the 20th century and the present. 


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