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Daily Culture and Cultural History, Clichés of Vienna

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Born in Hohenems, Austria in 1963; studies at the University of Vienna 1981–1988 (European ethnology, history, philosophy, sociology, political studies, art history, German language and literature); post-graduate college “Technologisation and Society” at the University of Technology of Darmstadt, Germany 2000–2004; since 1983 academic and museological work, as well as work as a curator and writer (including position of custodian of the household technology collection at Technisches Museum Wien); freelance writer for Wiener Zeitung since 1989; lecturer at the University of Vienna since 1991, 2016 Decoration of Merit in Gold to the Province of Vienna

Curator at Wien Museum since 2004, area of responsibility: collections documenting everyday and consumer culture from 1919 to the present.

Main research interests: urban everyday cultures, material and visual culture, history and theory of collecting and exhibiting, modernisation, construction of cultural identity, gender issues.