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Portraits, Death Masks and Memorabilia, Fashion Collection, Public Celebrations

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Studied journalism and communication studies, prehistory, historical archaeology and egyptology at the University of Vienna. Worked as a tutor at the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies of the University of Vienna for several years, starting in 1990. Work for exhibitions and museums since 1986, including at the Museum of the Province of Upper Austria and on exhibitions of the Province of Upper Austria, as well as at the Belvedere and Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Art History) in Vienna.

Appointment as assistant curator at Wien Museum in 1995, curator since 2004. Curatorial responsibilities: portraits, memorabilia, death masks, branch location Hermesvilla.

Main research interests: visual theory and visual anthropology, biographical research, history of communication, fashion, death and death cult.

Exhibitions / Publications ( in German )