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Wien Museum MUSA

The exhibition "Big City / Small Format. Vienna in Postcards" is the first attempt at a comprehensive history of the picture postcard in Vienna.


The new exhibition shows finds from recent years that have come to light in the course of construction works in the area of the city center.

Wienbibliothek im Rathaus

Exhibition and publication on the transformation of Austria into an authoritarian state. A cooperation of Wienbibliothek and Wien Museum.

MUSA Startgalerie

The exhibition circles around the themes of dabbling, failing, and apologizing – a humorous kaleidoscope of current and historical positions.


A stage for young curators

For the second time, the Wien Museum is launching an open call for new exhibition ideas for the Startgalerie. The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 9.

Wien Museum Online Collection

Research or browse our constantly growing digital collection. The majority of images are "open content" and can be freely downloaded.


The Wien Museum provides downloadable material in English. Info in Japanese is available for the composers' residences.

Musician apartments

Vienna is the Capital of Music and Wien Museum offers the perfect ticket.