Johann Strauss Wohnung

1020 Vienna, Praterstraße 54
P: +43 (0)1 214 01 21
F: +43 (0)1 505 87 47 7201

Due to construction work, the Johann Strauss Apartment will be closed on Tuesday, December 6. We appreciate your understanding!

In 1867 in this apartment, Johann Strauss composed the world-famous waltz "The Blue Danube", Austria's "unofficial national anthem"! Strauss lived seven years on Praterstrasse, then a fashionable and elegant Viennese suburban street. 

His own instruments, furniture and paintings illustrate Strauss's work as a composer, musician and conductor, but the whole presentation brings Strauss close to us in private as well, a man who married three times, an enthusiast at billiards and cards, and a caricaturist. Moreover, there are reminiscences of his other apartments, the Vienna ballrooms and concert halls of his time, and also the other composers in the family circle: Johann Strauss the Elder and the talented brothers Josef and Eduard.

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