I am me.
Mira Lobe and Susi Weigel

6 November 2014 to 1 March 2015

1040 Vienna, Karlsplatz 8
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In commemoration of the 100th birthdays of Mira Lobe (1913–1995) and Susi Weigel (1914–1990), Wien Museum is dedicating an exhibition to these two creators of much-loved children's literature. Mira Lobe, one of the leading narrative writers of the 20th century, and graphic artist Susi Weigel worked together for more than fifty years, during which they published a large number of widely popular children's books, including such classics as Little I am Me and The Grandma in the Apple Tree.

The author-illustrator duo brought novel ideas and approaches to literature for children and young people and worked on very diverse themes, all of which they tackled with poetic imagination, a gift for word-play and wonderful pictures. Their stories teach humanistic values – tolerance, solidarity and freedom – without lecturing or finger-wagging, and are sometimes also critical of authority. In them, Lobe and Weigel always sided with the children, with those who are weaker or marginalised. Their books won several awards and have been translated into many languages. They are still widely popular in countries across the globe and continue to inspire generations of children and grown-ups who enjoy them to this day.

I am me.
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