Forty Years of Falter.
Photos from Vienna's Alternative Weekly

1 June 2017 to 27 August 2017

1040 Vienna, Karlsplatz 8
P: +43 (0)1 505 87 47
F: +43 (0)1 505 87 47 7201

More of a flyer than a newspaper, the first edition of Falter appeared in 1977. It was printed on cheap paper, folded into twelve pages, contained comic book-style text collages, and employed a decidedly casual typography. Falter and other city newspapers from this period were part of the alternative movements and the New Left and were thus highly political projects. Falter understood itself as an “antibourgeois program pamphlet,” covering topics ranging from citizens’ initiatives and local night spots featuring cabaret and literary readings to theater, film, and book shops. The paper’s contents presented an antipode to high culture, mapping out an alternative cultural topography of the city in the process.

Falter’s photo archive reflects forty years of alternative city history from the perspective of more than thirty photographers. The exhibition brings into focus themes such as architecture, public space, housing, ecology, protest movements and demonstrations, antiracism, media critique, the uncovering of scandals, and, increasingly, lifestyle. A selection of photos in the Falter archive will become part of the Wien Museum’s collection.

Forty Years of Falter.
Photos from Vienna's Alternative Weekly - Information