Sattler's Cosmorama
Travelling the World in Pictures

The age of discovery also aroused a general public interest in foreign countries. This new “wanderlust” was satisfied in the nineteenth century not only through literature but also through a form of “armchair travel”, landscapes and city views from locations a l over the world by artists specialising in travel paintings.

One of the best and most successful representatives of this fashion was Hubert Sattler, son of Johann Michael Sattler, the painter of the famous panorama of Salzburg. Hubert Sattler presented his “cosmoramas” all over Europe. They showed natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and also growing cities like New York, Mexico City and Cairo. He brought back numerous sketches and photos from his travels, which took him from the Northern Cape to the Near East. Back home, they served as models for a series of large-format paintings.

For the first time in many years a broader selection of these pictures can now be seen in Vienna. Hubert Sattler saw the world through the eyes of a discoverer and reporter, and his “cosmoramas” differed significantly from conventional gallery pictures. As a painter he developed an effective method of bringing far-off lands to life without sacrificing any of the mystery and enchantment of these idealised destinations.

An exhibition in cooperation with Salzburg Museum

Sattler's Cosmorama
Travelling the World in Pictures
11. April 2013 to 3. November 2013

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"Hubert Sattler war einer der größten Reisemaler des 19. Jahrhunderts. Eine repräsentative Auswahl seiner in den Bann ziehenden Werke ist in der Hermesvilla zu sehen. Faszinierend!"
Kronen Zeitung

"Atemberaubende Bilder sind derzeit in einer Ausstellung des Wien Museums in der Hermesvilla zu sehen. Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts gab es keine Farbfotos und nach keinen Massentourismus in ferne Länder. Hubert Sattler bereiste deshalb die Welt und fertigte fotorealistische Bilder an."

"Die großformatigen Landschaftsgemälde des Salzburgers Hubert Sattler wirken wie frühe Fotografien, sie sind hyperrealistisch in ihrer Tiefenschärfe, wissenschaftlich in ihrem Zugang. Allen gemeinsam ist: Sie üben nach wie vor eine immense Sogwirkung aus – und die Menschen wirken winzig inmitten der monumentalen Panoramen."

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