Gallery Promotion Programme of the Federal Chancellery/Art Division

The following works of art were purchased in 2016 with financial support from the Federal Chancellery, Division II (Art):

Marco Lulić: 9 works from the series "Psychogeography", each consisting of 1 rubbing and 2 photos. © Marco Lulić
Klaus Pichler: 30 photographs from the series “Sex and Space”, Babylon Vienna, Seilerstätte 1, 1010 Vienna; photo © Klaus Pichler
Klaus Pichler: 30 photographs from the series “Sex and Space”, Chat House, Altmannsdorferstrasse 228, 1230 Vienna; photo © Klaus Pichler
Benjamin Eichhorn, Impostor/Piled High III, photograph, 2014; photo © Benjamin Eichhorn
Bernd Oppl, Substance recording, 2016, (video, installation), steel, acrylic glass, MDF, monitor, HD video; photo © Bernd Oppl
Maruša Sagadin: Wo ist unser Niveau, Herr Perrault (How high can we go, Mr. Perrault?), 2009, sculpture; mixed media, wood, record player; photo © Anna Barfuss
Cäcilia Brown, Sculpture: Overqualified and loves to eat Korean food (from the series “Luxury Problems”), 2016, concrete and steel; photo © Iris Ranzinger
Cäcilia Brown, Sculpture: Law Enforcement, 2016, plaster, ink, steel; photo © Gabriele Senn Galerie
Leopold Kessler, Diploma, 2004, video; cable spindle, plastic-coated wire cable, metal, wood; photo © Leopold Kessler